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Knowledge: Amanuenses in Action
Media clips of Amanuenses in Action ...


    > “Managing Your Time in Sustainable Ways", ACCA, May 2016, Webinar, ACCA UK

    > "Approved Mentor Workshop", ISCA, March 2015, Facebook, Singapore QP

    > "Leadership: Building from the Bottom Up", APF in partnership with SIM, January 2015, Facebook, APF Group

    > "Listen In The Present, Communicate Into The Future", SIM 1 Toastmasters, December 2014, Facebook, SIM 1

    > “Starting the Singapore QP Odyssey", SAC, August 2014, SAC, BeanThereCountThat.sg

    > “Singapore QP Candidate Orientation", SAC, August 2013, SAC, BeanThereCountThat.sg

    > “Top Career Networking Tips and ACCA Finance Day”, ACCA, June 2013, Facebook, ACCA Singapore

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